All Hallows Eve Box

All Hallows Eve Box

All Hallows Eve Box
You will get
Purr Goddess LLC
All Hallows Eve Box
For States with shipping $75 & International with Shipping $108.

What you get in your all hallows eve box.
1 Headless Horseman Head or Dead Man Head 15oz Glass Bottle
scents; Pumpkin Rum Cake, Autumn in the Park & Apple & Maple Bourbon
1 Headless Horseman Head, witches Potion Bottle Or Dead man Head 8oz body wash glass bottle
Scents Autumn in the Park, Pumpkin Rum cake, Apple & maple Bourbon & love spell
1 Sabrina Cauldron W prize
scent: Catcus & Jade flower
1 witches bubble bar
scent witches brew
1 Witches hat wax shapes
scent Apple & maple Bourbon or Devil's Child Wax Tart Scent Pumpkin Souffle
1 Pumpkin shea butter soap
scent Pumpkin Rum cake
1 Headless Horseman Whipped Sugar Scrub Scent Pumpkin Rum cake
1 Honor are dead Bath bomb
scent all souls day